Healthy Harvest Strawberries-0035

Being a producer in the Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, Healthy Harvest Berries, Inc. has known how to position itself in the market thanks to their experience in the field of production of red fruit, as it counts with 25 years of practice.

It was not until 2007 in which Healthy Harvest Berries, Inc. established itself into a family owned business that has known to care and improve agricultural practices.

From planting to harvesting, Healthy Harvest Berries has known to comply with the norms, laws and protocols that govern the production and commercialization of fresh fruit.

Being the first company in the agricultural industry using item level traceability of its product in real time and tracking in just a few minutes. Healthy Harvest Berries has known to apply the concept of traceability in its entirety by registering and identifying a specific product from its origin to its final destination.